Japan Auction Sheet Translation
Japan Auction Sheet Translation

Auction Sheet Translations

Have your auction sheet translated with us here

Not sure you are getting the translation you need?

Yes we understand that and want to offer you our simple Japanese Auction sheet translation service for all car auctions in Japan. There is no limit to the auction house as long as there is an auction sheet to translate.

Our job is to translate all the Japanese hand written items on the auction sheets that you cant work out yourself or may have been inadvertently possible accidentally left out by your auction agent. we do need to stress that we only translate the hand written items. As you can see on our sponsors website here there is a glossary for most other items. https://japautoauctions.com/ 

Otherwise read the terms below and use our auction sheet translation application form.

  1. Note we offer translations on hand written items on the auction sheet
  2. You can apply for up to 10 translations per day
  3. We only accept paypal payments
  4. You must supply the auction number and auction house name
  5. We will not enter into disputes with either our online clients or clients agents about translation results or conflicting information.
  6. All translations supplied are final
  7. Translations will be emailed to you. We require your email address and name
  8. .If the auction result is older than 12 weeks we cant supply Translations for these cars

Go to the page now for your translation.


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Written by Main Driver

Currently sitting on my dining table about to celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary with my wonderful wife. Living in Japan exporting cars for some 15 years and looking for a new challenge. I have been an auction agent for nearly 20 years and have exported over 4,000 cars globally.


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