BMW E24 M6 in Japan - Classic BMW's14
BMW E24 M6 in Japan - Classic BMW's
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1988 BMW M6 at HAA Kobe Japan

BMW’s from Japan and a 1988 BMW M6

There was a time in the 80’s that we were not sure if the BMW motor company was coming or going. Then they would roll out some exceptional cars that would become classics such as the E30 M3 and a strange long nosed coupe called the M6

Jaws would drop and the driver was a demi god when an M6 was spotted anywhere. I remember watching these beasts flying around motor racing tracks in Oceania many years ago and dominating the field.

The BMW M6 E24 would scream out to 6,500RPM making your hair stand on end and almost making you drop your beer.

Have a look at this great example of a classic BMW M6 E24 going through auction here in Japan this week. Here is another great youngtimer klassik M6 from BMW.


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