Classic 1987 Ferrari 412 Today

The Timeless classic Ferrari 412 2+2

Classic 1987 Ferrari 412 Today0
Classic 1987 Ferrari 412 Today

Well we are almost speechless when it comes to talking about this car. Yes its better looking than an Aston Martin Lagonda and most cars are.

This Ferrari 412 looks like Rover or Volvo almost has a hand in the design of this classic Italian beauty. This wonderful car went on to become the great Ferrari 456 which I have had the pleasure of driving a few over the years.

Any Ferrari is worth a drive and as years grow on they only get better


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Currently sitting on my dining table about to celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary with my wonderful wife. Living in Japan exporting cars for some 15 years and looking for a new challenge. I have been an auction agent for nearly 20 years and have exported over 4,000 cars globally.


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