Lancia Delta Evolutione ll Final Edition21
Lancia Delta Evolutione ll Final Edition
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1995 Lancia Delta Evolutione ll Final Edition

Classic Car, Lancia Delta Evolutione ll Final Edition

Its was about 8 years ago when I exported my first 1995 Lancia Delta Evolutione ll Final Edition to Switzerland for a Golf pro. He requested that we hunt down a particular example from a Japanese dealer in Tokyo and negotiate a good price for him.

All was done and an invoice was sent to Switzerland for about 3.2 million JPY from memory. Afterwards it was about 3 weeks before the customer would pay the balance of the payment from his original 200,000 JPY deposit.

His reason for not wanting to pay was that he had been advised by some Genius that he had paid too much. He was convinced after some time by myself that returning the car was not an option and it was to be exported as per our agreement.

Today his final edition Delta that had only traveled 37,000 Klm is worth about 95,000 Euro and the capital gain was huge. He never emailed to say thank you or sent a post cars of his winnings from the car lol. I have to wonder if he is still a golf pro and taking advice from his guru genius automotive adviser 🙂

Here is a recent 1995 Lancia Delta Evolutione ll Final Edition that we picked up at USS Tokyo this month. This car has done over 192,000 Klm and we still had to pay double over what our buddy the golf pro did 8 years ago.

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