POLL: The best Ferrari in the past 20 years

We love Ferraris and what better way to express our love than to run a poll. Japan is Ferrari crazy and they even have two Ferrari clubs! not bad for a tiny Island nation of car freaks. Look at the Ferrari Owners Club as an example here

At any given week in Japan you will see upwards of 25 plus Ferraris going through the auction channels. From Dino’s to FF they are all there.

  • Ferrari F430

    Ferrari F430

    Tell us what you think:

    • Yes
    • No
  • Ferrari 458

    Ferrari 458

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    • No

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Written by Main Driver

Currently sitting on my dining table about to celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary with my wonderful wife. Living in Japan exporting cars for some 15 years and looking for a new challenge. I have been an auction agent for nearly 20 years and have exported over 4,000 cars globally.


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